Knight Communications Inc is a small Woman Business Enterprise located in Elkton Virginia.  We have been providing quality communications installation services since 1985.  KCI is a BICSI Corporate Member, Siemon CI certified, a Corning EWP and we have an RCDD on staff.  We are able to perform both premise and campus cabling installations as well as cabling infrastructure installations.

Work Experience

In the realm of Outside Plant (OSP), we are experienced in the following installations:

·         Duct bank construction

·         Manhole installation

·         Building entry construction

·         OSP copper and fiber cable installation (aerial, underground and direct bury)

·         OSP copper and fiber cable termination and splicing

·         Testing copper and fiber cable installations

·         Troubleshoot copper and fiber cables.


Inside cabling experience includes:

·         Pathway installation (cable trays, EMT conduits)

·         MDF and IDF construction (equipment racks, fiber cross connects,

         copper cross connects, cable trays)

·         Horizontal cabling with fiber and copper media for CLA purposes.

·         Backbone and riser cabling with copper and fiber media

·         Termination, splicing and troubleshooting of indoor communications media.













                  KCI Office at 48 Mt Hermon Road in Elkton, VA